Stage 1: Mexico

The event in Mexico took place between the 19 and the 21 of June 2009, In Mexicali, at the Mexico/USA border fence.

In these days the artists tried out different ways to react physically to the social-political conditions, in order to inform about the experiential aspect of this reality, to transform it in a way that it can be re-accessed, rethought and reconsidered.

50 artists, both local, Mexican and international artists from 14 countries, gathered together and In total the event presented, 8 performing arts actions, 4 video art works (produced during the 3 days working period), 2 visual instillation and one sound instillation.

photo by Jorge Colin

photo by Jorge Colin

The proposals that were manifested in this event, were developed in a prior research and exchange, so that the meeting itself was the result of a preexisting artistic process. This was done in several ways…

Through the internet the artists that came and others,  developed their proposals, using the exchanges to help them consider different aspects of their proposals. In the web site additional updates were added, informing on the conditions of the site.    In a workshop that was given in Mexicali working with local artist and interested individuals, in which these proposals were tested among others.

photo by Jorge Colin

photo by Jorge Colin

The workshop was a lab research around the same topic functioning as an habitat for new proposals originating from the local artists, and as an experiment of the existing proposals that were under development through the exchange on the net.

The aim of the pre- events workshop was trifold. To help involve the local artistic community, preventing the project from falling into an exterior intervention pattern, where the locals are ‘‘told’’ what is beneficial for them. It allowed the artists to better use the concentrated time of the festival itself, as they already had some working knowledge of their proposals, and it created a group of individuals that were already familiar with the site and that could assist during the festivals to the international artists coming, in understanding the conditions of the site.

After this prior preparation, the public event itself will take place, on Sunday 21 of June 2009.

The event in Mexico was co- produced by the ‘‘Prisma’’ forum. The ‘‘Prisma’’ forum is an international meeting of performing artists that aims at artistic exchange and discussion, in order to challenge and expand the paradigms of the performing arts.

It is an open forum with a core group of 120 performing artists from the field of contemporary dance, from around 40 countries throughout the world. (These are the members of «Sweet and Tender» and «embassy of fast bicycles», two umbrella organizations of performing artists)

This meeting is actually the generator for the project as it originated as a respond to the will to utilize this  unique opportunity. An opportunity where such a big group of freelancers, that are working in the front of contemporary dance, are gathering together in one region of the world in order to engage in artistic action.

The ‘‘Prisma’’  forum took place between the 27 of June and the 12 of July, and the first event of «Running Into the Political Equator» project was organized in the week before Prisma, in Mexicali.

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