‘‘The ‘’Political Equator’’ is a term coined by Teddy Cruz to refer to a phenomenon of an attempt to separate the ‘‘First’’ and ‘‘Third’’ worlds by the erection of walls. In this reality the mechanisms of dealing with socioeconomic problems is through a process of avoidance. This process creates a fragmentation of the society on both global and local levels, in which social problematic elements are encapsulated and isolated from the ‘‘healthy’’/’’functioning’’ body of society. These politics of separation are operating on both national and private levels and are manifested amongst other, by the fencing-off of borders, the construction of detention camps for illegal immigrants and the construction of gated private communities.

The aim of this project is to launch an ongoing process, in which the performing arts community reacts artistically and physically to the reality of the ‘‘Political Equator’’. This is done as part of reasserting the role of art as an instrument of affecting change. It is an invitation for an open process in which artistic physical proposals are performed independently, and are later linked together as one changing growing whole.


The project aims to establish two main modes of artistic reaction, on the local and the global levels; both working with site specific locations that mark points on borders that are parts of the ‘‘Political Equator’’.


On the global level, three site specific live performance mini festivals have/will be organized, at three of the most extreme locations where the ‘‘Political Equator’’ is manifested – the Mexico/USA border (June 2009), the separation wall in Palestine/Israel (Spring 2010) and the border fences between Morocco and the Spanish enclaves of Cueta and Manilla (Spring 2011).

On the local level small scale initiatives will be organized in the form of a one week workshop. The site for the manifestation of the proposals raised in these workshops, will be the walls of a detention camp for illegal immigrants located in the specific region of the workshop. 


In order to draw out all the various locations from their local context and bring them together as part of one whole global issue, all the events have/will be artistically documented, by video artists/ photographers and perhaps audio artists (if there will be proposals in the sites that are dealing primarily with sound). The art works that will be produced from these documentations, will be gathered together under one exhibition. In this way the live reactions in the different locations can relate to each other, and expose the link of these locations under one main mode of political operation.

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