Next stages…

The next stages of the project will be the organization of similar mini-festivals In Palestine and Morocco. 

We wish to incorporate the  experience that will be gathered from the Mexico event into the planing of these events, and we are looking for pre-existing festivals, that are already gathering international artists to the region, to cooperate with.


Out of an understanding that a site specific art-work is always limited in it’s ability to reach large (and remote) audiences, the project aims at producing an art exhibition that will gather together video/photo/audio art that has been produced through the documentation of the live events. 

The ability through documentation to follow a live proposal through it’s consecutive manifestations in different locations, will enable the collection of art works, produced from these events, to present the different live proposals together in a joint context. Thus the proposals are drawn out from their local context, and the global aspect of these realities is exposed.

The exhibition will tour through different locations in the world, and as it does it will integrate any new location into the body of works of the project. This again will be done via a workshop modeled on the lines of the pre-festival workshops that were held with the local artistic community of the site of the festivals. These pre-exhibition workshops will also work with the local artistic community in the region of the exhibition, and will work on raising new proposals and manifesting existing ones, on the walls of a detention camp for illegal immigrants in the region of the exhibition. The local workshop will be filmed and the footage will be shown at the entrance to the exhibition space. This is done as part of exposing how the ‘‘Political Equator’’ is manifested in various degrees, in various forms, through out all regions of the world.

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