Time Line – Mexico

08.06.09 – 12.06.09 – a pre-event workshop in Mexicali (these are new dates due to adjusting to the conditions that were caused by the flu.)

18.06.09 – arrival of everyone in Mexicali

19.06.09 –  first working days at the site of the border

20.06.09 – second working days at the site of the border

21.06.09 – last working day + presentation of proposals around sunset for both daylight and darkness proposals

22.06.09 – departure

22.06.09 – 26.06.09 – for the artists coming to Prisma, the Prisma team would like you to help with preparations for the forum, and spend these days in Mexico City. We will also be working in Mexico City on editing and preparing video and photo material for the presentation in Prisma. A bus is arranged to Oacaxa, on the 27/6

27.06.09 – 12.07.09 – PRISMA – during the meeting  – a presentation of the work with a theoretical lecture about the political equator 

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