Food for thought

The project is ambitious in it’s scale. But than again compared to the scale of the scream that should be heard around the world, in order to actually make a difference before billions more join the starving and impoverished, this is still a drop in a needed ocean.


Maybe this project won’t change the world, but it might open some eyes.


Lets change the world, not just in this project, but lets make this a priority – to change the world. 

Thoreau may have argued that the ways that are provided for us to remedy such evils take too long and that he came into this world mainly to live in it, be it good or bad. But one can not live in a void, and so one must create a world for herself to live in, and this he can do only with the given materials she is presented with birth.


We forget that working is a joy (we equate work with labor). Lets work on our surroundings, lets change the world…


For more theoretical information about the theories that the projects responds too see:


The Capsular Civilization: On the City in the Age of Fear, by Lieven De Cauter

Homo Sacer: Sovereign Power and Bare Life, by Giorgio Agamben

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