Artists » Mayra Morales – Puebla, MEXICO

Mayra Morales – Puebla, MEXICO


Mexican artist, teacher, arts ambassador and researcher; Mayra Morales currently works at Universidad de las Americas since 2005. First as dance professor at the BA Dance and then from August 2006 to July 2008 as the Program’s Coordinator. She returned in August 2008, to teaching, researching and creating. She has recently begun working in DEPA, an imaginary company for the Arts Development in Mexico.
Mayra studied dance from a small age in Puebla City and Mexico City. Pursuing an expansion in her practice within dance she traveled frequently to Monterrey, Xalapa, Guadalajara, San Luis Potosí, Canada, Russia, USA, Portugal and finally, London, where she discovered Contemporary Dance. With a Scholarship of Excellence in Humanities, she studied her BA Dance at UDLA-P between 1999 to 2002, graduating with Magna Cum Laude. She won an honorific mention in the ‘best performer’ contest during San Luis Potosi’s Dance Festival 2001. She lived, studied and worked in London, England from 2003 to 2005, where she studied her MA in European Dance-Theatre Practices at LABAN, supported by an award by the National Fund for the Arts and Culture, Mexico, 2003.
Since 1999 she has been working as a performer and collaborating with national and international choreographers for creating and co-creating dance and interdisciplinary pieces. Her work constantly questions the nature of artistic practice and investigates within installation, performance art, site-specific and Dance-Theatre methodologies. Since 2004 she has declared herself as a Non-Disciplinarity Artist, with which she makes use of any possible medium in order to facilitate answers within a rigorous enquiry on Thought, Life and Human Condition, and in doing so, hopefully avoiding the categorization of processes and results.
Notable among her activities abroad: in 2005, participation in “The Dancer’s Project” at The Place, London; in 2006, invitation for auditioning at 2nd cycle at P.A.R.T.S., Brussels, Belgium and invitation to perform at “Arena Festival”, Germany; in 2007 attended the International Symposium on Dance Research: Rethinking Dance Theory and Practice at Paris, France; in 2008 receives “DanceWEB Europe Scholarship” for participating at Impulstanz Dance Festival, Vienna, Austria where she co-founds “Embassy of…” together with other scholarship holder colleagues; she is invited to perform with artist Nadia Lauro for her piece “I Hear Voices”; spends her last summer days in NY City planning projects for the future, especially with artist Penny Arcade, with whom she co-founds “ImpulsARcade” together with 9 others.
In Mexico: in 2007, was awarded the Prize for Best Choreography during Festival “Poesía y Movimiento” with her Piece “Mil Años Madrugada”; in July 2008, invited to participate at Festival Danza Extrema at Xalapa, Veracruz; in February 2008 her project “From A to Z” gets funded by Puebla’s Government through the FOESCAP 2008-2009. She currently works with both projects “From A to Z” and “The Dinner Project” which started at Vienna under the supervision of coaches DD Dorvillier and Trajal Harrel for the proposed investigation “Public Service”, inaugurating itself with the Performance “We are not here to like each other”.
At University she has taught courses in Performance and Ensemble, History and Theory of Dance, Choreography, Contemporary Dance Technique, Repertory, Body Conditioning, Movement for Actors, Seminar in Dance and Phenomenology, Seminar in Dance-Theatre and Theory of Performance Studies; at present she teaches and develops the courses: Introduction to Dance and Tendencies and Problems of Today’s Dance.
Since 2006 co-founds and co-directs, together with Ray Eliot Schwartz, Performatica: International Forum for Contemporary Dance and Movement Arts. Her mission is to share, exchange and generate praxis of thought and consciousness in response to the Society of the Spectacle in which we live and imagines a future in which change is possible towards substituting “I” for “us”. Art for her is not about communication nor expression, but a response to an internal voice that commands: “Pull me back to Life”.

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