October 28, 2009

The site is long due an update… There is a need for a review and critical discourse around the event in Mexico, in order to set guidelines for the event in Palestine/Israel.

I just cannot find the time and concentration needed but hopefully soon….


One act of critic and evolution of the project is a small change in the name of the project to : Running into [][][] Political Equators”.

The change is part of a critique on the concept of “The Political Equator” as coined by Teddy Cruz, and a wish to acknowledge the multiplicity of borders in their various manifestations.

The self-critique of the project is an integral part of it, and the process of change is part of what is being presented, in an attempt to achieve better understandings of the referred political contexts, and in order to be able to work more accurately with each site.


So the title of the Mexico event stays the same, naturally:

“Running Into The Political Equator: stage 1: Mexico”

and now in first development is:

“Running Into [][][] Political Equators: stage 2: Palestine/Israel”


More to come soon…


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