December 1, 2008

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  1. Dear Gilad, dear friends,

    first to say, I am not sure if I am posting this comment on the right page. So please understand if I have made a confusion, or mistake.

    I want to say that I was thinking so long about the project “Running into…”
    wanting to propose something, wanting to participate…

    But now I have realized that the best thing is to confess.

    In this moment I am so sick of being poor, sometimes not eating enough or enough good food,
    trying many different ways to earn money and to find a cheap room where to live. Most of the cheap rooms are so ugly, and I dont feel like living there anymore…
    they make me desperate and they take all of my energy after 10 years living like that…

    I dont know how do you live, are you satisfied with the life you are living?

    And before this confession I had a proposal to go to Mexico by boat, to do workshops on the boat, discussions, but also to do something for the boat in order not to pay for the ticket.
    But that is again the same logic – how to transfer cultural capital or art capital into economical one.
    Huh, hard.
    I was thinking like that because of the ecology (not to use planes) but also because of the fact that I was searching for the plane ticket to Mexico. But nobody answered positive to my call. Now I am still waiting for some answers, but I am so tired so tired of asking and asking and getting negative answers.

    I would like to help you Gilad, and to others, I would like to help.
    And that is why I am confessing right now,
    because I really feel I cant do it anymore alone.

    So please tell how to help?

    Also please help – I want to find the way to come to Mexico
    together with you. I wanted to come to the both, Performatica and Prisma.

    And maybe the most important thing why I am writing this right now is that, except the walls between first and the third world, for me there is the one much bigger.

    The INVISIBLE wall

    between existence and art,
    capitalism and life,
    fake and real,
    food and hunger,
    effort and success…

    I propose to work together on all these walls.
    And to try to make some of them fall.








  2. Dear Branka,

    I read your post many times…..I feel that with your words you gave visibility to something so very present.

    you ask if i am happy with the life i am living?
    I am not.

    And I have no answers or solutions to offer, except a feeling that is guiding me ….the feeling that there is a way not to cross the Wall, but as you said, to make it disappear, to change the context of life, in a way that these concerns become irrelevant.

    I feel an urgency to reply to your words, because such gentleness requires a response, an attempt to match your sensitivity… But I feel incapable of such an attempt right now.

    You wrote the realities of so many of us…

    Yet I will confess that i am not yet tired…

    Knowing people are able to show the sensitivity and the frankness that you showed, gives me strength,
    for to change the context, I find that the most important things is to have partners for action.

    I am a relativist, I believe that our perception of the world is a story we tell ourselves, that for the most part we’ve been taught. And so I also have a strong belief in our ability to tell ourselves new stories, and so, to create new worlds.
    that after we learn to see the invisible wall, we can write it off the script.
    i think these walls are there because though people don’t want to contemplate their existence, they actually supply the basics for these walls by believing that having a wall of some sort is a necessity
    that worlds have walls,
    and that one needs to know where does he end, what defines the space of action?
    i am trying to write a story where space of action is not segregated into sections, but that it is a flow, a range of action that is not defined by its extremes. A world that is not polar.

    I do not wish to walk on equators. I wish to live in an open plain….

    I would like to take your proposition.
    i would like to work together on opening space, to create open plains…

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